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Business Taxes

Navigate the complex world of business taxes without feeling lost at sea.

Taxes Are Too Important for a DIY Approach

When you’re already wearing a dozen hats as a business owner, managing taxes shouldn’t be a confusing number 13. Northeast Professional and Accounting Services offers a full set of business tax services that can be customized to suit your specific requirements, goals, and preferences. Let us review your records and help you establish a clear process that satisfies your tax requirements.

Business Tax Services

Entity Selection

Do you know the tax implications of choosing from various types of legal structures for your business? For example, partnerships, LLCs, C corps, and S corps are taxed differently. We can explain the differences and help you choose the appropriate entity.

Business Tax Preparation

We can prepare your federal and state tax returns. We can handle withholding, filing, and remitting payroll taxes. We can file sales tax returns. Most importantly, we can make sure rates, thresholds, exemptions, deductions, and other variables are managed correctly.

Business Tax Compliance

Compliance considerations are baked into everything we do. Federal, state, and local tax laws must be followed to stay out of hot water with regulators. We make sure all filings, statements, reports, and processes adhere to regulatory requirements throughout the year.

Tax Representation

If you receive a notice from the IRS or another regulating body, do not assume the decisions or claims cannot be challenged. If you suspect inaccuracies or would like the IRS notice reviewed by an expert, we can help. We can represent your organization in tax disputes.

Partner with Us

Your organization’s tax obligations are too important to not have a qualified CPA firm steering the ship. Let us review your tax information and provide the guidance you need to minimize risk and gain peace of mind.
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