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Real Estate Taxes

Minimize tax liabilities and maximize the return on your real estate investments.

Reap the Rewards. Reduce the Risks.

Before you buy or sell… before you start making major upgrades… before you classify your operation as an LLC… before you move your real estate investments into a trust… speak with a CPA firm with experience in real estate investments. The information and guidance you receive will help you make confident, informed decisions about tax strategies based on your short- and long-term goals.

Real Estate Tax Services

1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange enables you to defer capital gains tax on the sale of your property and use the proceeds to upgrade your portfolio. However, compliance requirements are complex. We’ll help you determine whether 1031 exchanges would benefit your investment strategy.

Cost Segregation Study

A cost segregation study breaks down the physical property into components such as the HVAC system, flooring, and furniture, which can be depreciated over their lifespan rather than the standard lifespan of a building. This can reduce tax liability and increase cash flow.


Your entity classification, as well as the IRS classification of your activities as a business, investment, dealer, or flipper, will affect your taxable income, rates, and deductions. We’ll help you choose the appropriate classification based on your real estate practices and goals.


Meticulous records of income, expenses, depreciation, and transactions for your real estate portfolio are essential to minimize audit risks and maintain compliance. We offer monthly accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure all data is recorded and classified properly.

Let Us Simplify the Rules of Real Estate Investing

There are tons of rules for real estate investors, each with its own specific requirements. Let us guide you through your options so you can make confident decisions and maximize profitability.
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